Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Illinois has eliminated the use of the word “custody” when describing which parent has the right to make major decisions for minor child. The concept of custody, which entailed the making of major decisions for a minor child, has been replaced with “allocation of parental responsibilities”. The major decisionsthat must be allocated include the making of medical, educational, religious and extracurricular activity decisions. Each of these major decisions can be allocated to one or both parents. The minor decisions, also referred to as day-to-day decisions, are made by the parent who is in possession of their child at the time such a decision must be made. A Parenting Plan will have to be created to define the parents’ respective rights and obligations. There are a number of provisions that must be contained in a Parenting Plan. If parents cannot agree on the allocation of parental responsibilities, the court will order the parties to attend mediation in an effort to resolve any dispute that they may have. The allocation of the majorresponsibilities is to be made taking into account the child’s best interests. If you have concerns regarding the allocation of parental responsibilities, then call Figiel Law Offices, Ltd. at 773.774.6084 to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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